The Cloudcast

Revolutionizing Big Data Apps

November 28, 2018 Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely
The Cloudcast
Revolutionizing Big Data Apps
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Overview: Aaron and Brian talk with Venkat Venkataramani (@iamveeve, Co-founder and CEO of @RocksetCloud) about building apps without pipelines, and serverless search and analytics with native SQL.

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Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Give us a little bit of your background and what motivated you to start Rockset.

Topic 2 - Sometimes we have founder guests that have a past of previous startups. And sometimes we have founder guests that are introducing something that sounds like it breaks most of the previous rules we’ve known. Let’s walk through what Rockset is attempting to deliver - “Apps without Pipelines”, “Serverless search”, “Schemaless ingest”, “natively uses SQL.”

Topic 3 - Let’s talk about some of the use-cases that might not have been possible before Rockset, or were overly complex or expensive before Rockset?

Topic 4 - You highlight that all of this is accessible via SQL, which is widely known and used by both technologists and typical data analysts. When you combine this with serverless concepts, is the focus of Rockset very much on making it easier for the masses to build and use data-centric applications?

Topic 5 - What is some of the early feedback that you’re getting from users or the community about how the RockSet approach is different for them?