The Cloudcast

The Cloudcast #326 - The 10 Biggest Stories of the Year

December 23, 2017 Aaron Delp & Brian Gracely
The Cloudcast
The Cloudcast #326 - The 10 Biggest Stories of the Year
Show Notes
Aaron and Brian talk about the biggest news stories and trends that happened in 2017.

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Show Notes
Container Stuff
1. Docker - New CEO; Docker > Moby; 

2. Kubernetes winning the Container Orchestration Wars - but do we now only talk about it being boring and irrelevant?

Cloud Stuff - When do we hit the Cloud Tipping Point
3. Azure getting bigger, but big enough? ($20B run-rate; includes O365)

4. AWS re:Invent - can it be stopped? ($18B run-rate)

5. Google Cloud - still ??? (says almost 2,500 employees)

Infrastructure Stuff
6. New Blue Print Emerging? Hyper-Converged Infrastructure & “Secondary Storage” all with public cloud integration. Also virtualization vs. containers orchestration

7. VMware’s cloud direction? - Big 3 Public Clouds have placed their bets (AWS/VMware, GCP/Nutanix/Cisco/VMware, Azure/Azure Stack)

8. Where does Serverless Fit? Does it? Is it a Public Cloud only play?

Stuff we don’t understand - We have been Emerging Tech, Where is the next emerging tech?
9. BitCoin / Blockchain - did you bet your mortgage on it? Aaron’s interesting conversation around this recently

10. AI & ML - AWS is trying to make it easier (DeepLens); everyone including AI in their products